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Upload your hit song today and Radio Invasion will play it over 4000 times. With over 3 million listeners your song will get the exposure it deserves.

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Upload your radio station to the Radio Invasion database absolutely free. Join our awesome network and increase your listeners. Upgrade at anytime.

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Dewey Mcgregor

Dewey Mcgregor

Current Listener

I found you this weekend and your music is awesome. I am from NJ and have to listen to the same warmed-over, repetitive crap they play on the NYC stations day after day. The app has a wide range of music which is great and lots of fun. You never know what you'll hear next.

Elway Taylor

Elway Taylor

Current Listener

You guys don't have to sell us on how great Radio Invasion is . I don't think I ever turn it off!"

Andrea Springer

Andrea Springer

Current Listener

I fell in love with the jocks and the music. I like all the shows and the iPhone app gets used on my phone everyday. Not to mention I'm able to listen at work on RadioInvasion.com. I am and will continue to be loyal listener.


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